Textile Futures MA, Central Saint Martins (2011-13)

The fate of craft in a digital and technological era: 

How can machines be manipulated to produce more 'human' outputs?

My Master's project, Neocraft, investigated whether digital technologies could be considered as tools for craft. Automated processes are often perceived as too predictable and lacking in human touch. My aim was to discover unconventional techniques whereby the craftsman could humanise the machine by subverting its controls. A machine is made to do process x within parameter y. My intention was to remove y from the control of the machine, and take control myself. This forced the machine to apply process x to the situation I chose. As a result I developed a new digital platform for craft makers. By considering the laser cutter as a heating element rather than a cutting tool, I manipulated its specifications to sublimate dye onto synthetic materials. My vessel forms provided angles that tricked the focus of the laser, creating imperfect and unique results.